As Trusted Advisors, we see our uniqueness through the following solid values:

Business Approach

CST-360 strength is drawn from its business approach for security.

We are looking to meet organizational needs and objectives by governing security into the business implementation strategies and reporting systems. Our approach is beyond technology.

We implement and use business metrics and dash boarding to measure security improvement and investments profitability.

Security Governance

CST-360 specializes in multi-year program’s oversight and insights, ensuring that the value delivered remains up to date and as a key focus for employees at all levels, management & operations. Along with our effective proven methodology initiative, security governance is to ensure business effectiveness implementation over time.

Protecting What Matters

CST 360 in-depth understanding of both business drivers and technology brings real value to organizational local security teams that can increase effectiveness by both implementing strategy for the business side, as well as liaising with IT for the in-depth technological readiness that is required.

As trusted advisors, we bridge the business language with technological and security fundamentals. Business and security alignment ensures the protection of what matters.

High End Service & Deliverables

CST-360 suite of services are based on advanced and proven frameworks, methodologies, practices and tools. Our skilled team of experts has the knowledge and the business experience to form high end services and tailor made deliverables.

Innovation and uniqueness

CST-360 puts a lot of attention and resources in staying abreast with most industry standards and international regulations. This knowledge is invaluable to international businesses who must comply with diverse regulations, saving significant time, cost and headache by easing their path to manage global security requirements & compliance.

Having that knowhow and expertise, CST-360 have been engaged with unique engagements (nation level), unique industries (e.g. Israel Defence Forces (IDF), Governmental bodies (National & sectorial SOC,), Israel National Cyber Bureau (INCB), Israel state comptroller, etc.)

Innovation & Uniqueness are not just terms, with the experience of pitfalls and knowhow, we see ourselves as trusted advisors who offer different ways to deliver cyber security and risk services.