CST 360 Delivers unique, tailor made, cyber security services, based on the business needs of its clients.

All of the services will act upon corporate governance principles adjusted for IT Governance & Security Governance, in order for the clients to treat and measure security just like any othe business process.

Our main services are:

Security Governance – Developing security processes that includes: roles and responsibilities definition, supporting structure, security operational controls design, measurement (KGI’s & KPI’s).

Security Strategy & work plans – Developing security strategy derivatives from the business strategy. Once approved, building prioritized working plans to support the strategy that enables the business strategy.

Security related Risk Assessments / Readiness assessments – Identifying your technology & security related business risks. Evaluation, Prioritization and Mitigation recommendations.

Audit Support – Utilize, advise and train audit units for cyber related audits.
With a strong big4 experience and ISACA’s knowhow, we assist audit engagements achieve process improvements and better control environments.

Security Program & Framework – Developing and implementing secuirty operational technology and controls, training and awareness programs, communication and reporting channels and measurement as process improvement. We utilize leading practices, frameworks, standards and any other common practices to ensure that we are protecting what matters.