Leverage your business with Cyber Security

Implementing security that enables business services and products.
Let's Plan Your Security

Are you taking cybersecurity seriously enough?

With emerging cyber threats and complex business environments, it is harder and harder to feel safe. businesses experience cyber incidents and are exposed to business disruptions all day and everyday. Furthermore, the fact that humans (employees) can be easy manipulated does not make organizations feel safer.

People don't like to deal with something they do not understand. However Cyber Space is where today's business is being done and...

any business in that space should be well protected.
Let's Plan Your Security

Enabling business services and products

Business and Technology goals and measurement Alignment.
Security that drives new business opportunities and initiatives.
Technological visibility for better decision-making processes.
Let's Plan Your Security

There is no perfect Cyber security!

With so many threats organizations face today, no wonder so many of them feel helpless.

As developers of cybersecurity methodologies for the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), governmental bodies and many commercial organizations from diverse sectors, using advanced and innovated approaches and technologies, we believe that we can meet your needs and proactively assist in making your business operations much more secured.
Let's Plan Your Security
Some of our beloved clients: 
Israel Defense Forces C4I
Leading the Cyber Defense Doctrine Development
Israel National Cyber Directorate
(INCD) - Cyber Security Training
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Planning SOC Methodology and Implementation
Post Luxembourg
Planning Digital Transformation based on Cyber Security + Risk Management Training
EMC Cyber Solution Group
Developing Ministry of Energy SOC Processes.
Implementing a new Risk Model + Cyber Security for Internal Audit Training
Avid Technologies Inc
Developing Cyber Security Strategy and Yearly Work Plans
Israel State Comptroller
Israel National Law Enforcement Cyber Readiness Assessment
Start Up Security Compliance and Business Development Advisory
Psagot Ivestment House
IT Risk Management Processes
And this is what they are saying...

How can we leverage your business?

Our cybersecurity main services...
Cyber Program Governance

Cyber Program Governance

Governing Cyber Security just like any other process
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Cyber Readiness Assessments

Assess and mitigate your cyber related risks

Implementing security that enables business services and products.
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Cyber Control Implementation

Leverage your business with existing security tools

CST-360 vast experience with security control's implementation is aligned with leading practices, frameworks and standards. We will guide you with choosing, integrating and combining leading security control environment , while building your own use cases. Our focus will be to leverage what you already have to empower your business.
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Cloud Security

Securing cloud services to enable business growth

CST-360 provides cloud security Governance, defining the the boundaries of organization’s cloud environments, regardless of the service provider. Once defined, we assist in installing, configuring and implementing appropriate cloud security controls that enables business services and usage in a secure manner.
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Cyber Audit Support

Cybersecurity Audit as a Service

CST-360 has the technological know-how and the business understanding in order to walk-through cyber audit support. Our certified team can assist your audit function in leveraging cyber related risk into controlled business environment assurance.
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How does It Work?

With security strategy aligned with business objectives, repeatable risk assessments and managed operational cybersecurity processes, you could never go wrong. That is my job and we will always be there for you.
Schedule Your Security Planning
Evaluate Current State
Develop and Pursuit a Governed Program
Let's Plan Your Security

Our Finest Work

Here are some case studies on our latest projects.
Sample Project

Sample Project Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Aenean commodo ligula eget dolor. Aenean massa. Cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis dis parturient montes, nascetur ridiculus mus. Donec quam felis, ultricies nec, pellentesque eu, pretium quis, sem. Nulla consequat massa quis enim. Donec pede justo, fringilla vel, aliquet nec, vulputate eget, arcu. In […]

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More Case Studies

Questions to ask yourself about your security posture

What is Cyber Security Governance?
Governance is set practices intent to provide strategic direction, boundaries to work in and time frame to achieve certain goals and objectives. CyberSecurity Governance refers to the practices that addresses organizational usage of cyberspace, its digital presence and the business opportunities and risks they bring. In today's business world, digitization is everywhere. Most business processes are computer based and relay on massive amount of data, therefore are part of the cyberspace and digitization. Cybersecurity governance may also be referred as information security governance. The difference is negligible and insignificant. While implementing Cyber Security Governance we strive to include the monitoring of goals achievement, risk management, resource allocation, roles and responsibilities, performance indicators, managerial communication and any other valuable measurement.
What are Cyber Readiness Assessments?
Cyber Readiness Assessment are momentary snapshots of your cybersecurity activities and resilience capabilities. Cyber Security Readiness Assessment is a comprehensive evaluation of your security program maturity, finding ways to improve your containment and eradication of cyber incidents and identify other places that can increase the chance of overcoming any cyber related business disruption. While risk assessments present any risk to the business, readiness are more about resilience from cyber threat exploits, regardless of the risk it poses. A cyber readiness REPORT is highly valuable for governing bodies (such as BoD, Audit committees, Federal agencies, Regulators, etc.) as they evaluate your resilience capabilities.
What is Cyber Risk?
There is no cyber risks. Only Business risks. The right term to use is - Cyber related business risks. Risk is a calculation of several vars. The fundamental one is the impact on the business. Risks are scenarios in which there is a negative impact the business. Risks are business language. On the technological language we can find mainly vulnerabilities and weaknesses. When a vulnerability is exploited it may cause negative impact on the business. That is when cyber vulnerability becomes a business risk.
Let's Plan Your Security

Leverage your business with Cyber Security

Implementing security that enables business services and products.
Let's Plan Your Security

Business ROI with Cyber Security

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