Leverage your business with existing security tools

CST-360 vast experience with security control's implementation is aligned with leading practices, frameworks and standards. We will guide you with choosing, integrating and combining leading security control environment , while building your own use cases. Our focus will be to leverage what you already have to empower your business.
Implement the right controls

Implementing control environment is not just about the documentation

CST-360 delivers a tool free consultancy in order to always stay objective to the business needs. Never the less, our experience is hands-on with the required know-how on most leading platforms, systems and OS.
Based on the nature of your business and your security compliance requirements we will tailor a control framework to suit the identified needs in a digestible manner. From strategy, through documentation and up to implementation.
Our experience indicates organization culture and (bad) habits may cause an organization to fail with the implementation of a comprehensive control framework.

Implement the right controls

Governing control framework end to end.

Following a control framework is not always enough, however, it definitely makes an attacker to exert much more. CST-360 is molded by professionals from both GRC and engineering realms. We will support your business growth in two arrowheads, policy wise and data wise. Empowering your business is not just a tag line. Controlled business processes and data environment is essential to sustain and grow your business.

Implement the right controls

Setting and governing controlled business environment

We recommend following cybersecurity control frameworks in order to reinforce predefined set of policies and procedures that enhance cybersecurity while leveraging business processes and growth.
The purpose is to reduce potential disruption to your business (risk) down to an acceptable level. The outcome of implementing a control framework is a measurable and comparable set of performance indicators (KPIs) that all stakeholders of the security and risk process can evaluate and understand.

Chose best of breed cybersecurity control environment
Implement controls utilizing what you have
Measure your progress
Implement the right controls

Leverage your business, 
while protecting what matters

Let's Plan Your Security
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