CST-3600 is business oriented Cyber Security consulting firm.

Our 3600 business approach for cyber security processes and implementation, enables your organization innovate and scale business, while protecting what matters.

Our mission is to govern your IT and security processes to enable business oversight on technology investments and resources.

Your corporate governance will include cyber security processes and the involvement of all levels: from Board of Directors responsibilities and role through management, IT management, the Security function, risk management, 3rd party employees and vendors and up to the last business need for a point of connectivity.

Our unique approach is governing security into your unique business environment in parallel with treating cyber security just like any other business process within your organization.

CST 3600 provides you with a tailor made security program that includes a culture perspective, framework and the right tools to prioritize and control your security initiatives and make them more likely to succeed within your unique environment.

Our holistic fields of expertise and commitment to provide high end deliverables are the drivers of your success.

Our ultimate mission is to assess the risk cyberspace and technology may impact your business operations, to prioritize and optimize security investments and eventually apply the right amount of security to protect what matters, ensuring organization’s mission aligned with compliance requirement satisfaction.

CST360 core is mold by talented & strong team with tremendous passion to present value.

Our five guiding values are: Business Approach, Security Governance, Protecting what matters, High end service & deliverables, Innovation & Uniqueness.