Leverage your business with Cyber Security

Implementing security that enables business services and products.
Let's Plan Your Security

Empowering Business ROI with Cyber Security

With emerging cyber threats and complex business environments, it is harder and harder to feel safe.
businesses experience cyber incidents and are exposed to business disruptions all day and everyday.

Furthermore, the fact that humans (employees) can be easy manipulated does not make organisations feel safer.

Planning and implementing security strategy to meet organisation's cyber exposure mitigates the risk of loosing money.

CST-360 will empower your business growth through secured and managed business processes.

Let's Plan Your Security

Meet the Team

Our key personal:

Oren Hadar

Cyber Security Methodologist

Oren is a cybersecurity methodology expert with nearly 20 years of GRC experience.
In the last 5 years, Oren is a senior member of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) cyber defense doctrine development teams. His work shaped many security processes within the IDF, governmental bodies and commercial entities.
Oren has global experience with Fortune 500 companies, enterprises, SMB’s and walking through startups in developing, designing and implementing IT and security processes.
His tagline is “ govern your security, while protecting what matters”.
Oren’s passion for bridging between security teams and business line managers makes him a Trusted Advisor.

Dima Shaposhnykov

Cyber Security Expert

Dima is a cybersecurity operational leader with extensive experience in both IT and Cybersecurity.
He served as a captain in the Israeli C4I unit “Mamram” for 7 years. During his service, he worked and led both IT teams and Security teams to achieve tactical and strategic goals.
His approach was always - “Security enables Operation”.
Dima’s dedication and persistence makes him loyal and trusted by the clients.
In his spare time Dima likes to hit the gym, before getting back sitting in front of his computers.

Shlomi Halif

Cyber Security Engineer

Shlomi is cybersecurity engineer with 5 years of IT, Networking and Cybersecurity experience.
He served as a Project Manager in the IDF unit of Mamram for 4 years.
As an IDF Project manager, he was responsible for data migration from local on prem servers to Azure cloud infrastructure, leading it end to end.
Shlomi is a client oriented consultant. He is dedicated, organized, creative and with high level of analytical thinking. His passion for his work is reflected by high interpersonal communication skills.
Shlomi hold a B.Sc. in Computer Science and likes to write dedicated scripts for daily tasks.

Itzik Bibi

Cyber Security Engineer

Maor Shaybet

Cyber Security Architect

Yoav Berger

Cyber Security Analyst

Shlomi Yehezkel


Tony Daskalo

Cyber Security Architect

Tony is a Cybersecurity architect with a vast experience in both IT and Cybersecurity
He served for 7 years as a Captain in the Israeli C4I unit "Mamram"
during his service, he led the implementation of various
security controls and procedures, as well as leading an IT team to achieve Both long and short term organizational goals.
Tony's approach to security is: "secure your assets while enabling business tasks and functions"
his passion to the profession makes him a trusted advisor and a subject matter expert.
Tony holds the CISSP and CCSP certifications.

Our Core Values

We believe in simplicity and professionalism. Our passion is at your disposal.
Set business aligned cybersecuirty strategy
Mitigate the risks that can actually harm your business (money makers)
Manage cybersecurity just like any other business process
Let's Plan Your Security

Leverage your business, 
while protecting what matters

Let's Plan Your Security
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