Cybersecurity Audit as a Service

CST-360 has the technological know-how and the business understanding in order to walk-through cyber audit support. Our certified team can assist your audit function in leveraging cyber related risk into controlled business environment assurance.
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Leveraging internal audit into actionable reports

With pervasive cyber threats, audit functions (as the third cycle of defense) are responsible for validating and ensuring that business operations are controlled with a managed environment and that if anything wrong happens, the organization have resilience capabilities to actual money-making processes.
CST-360 will walk-through the auditors with organization technology, risk and compliance requirements in order to identify when and how to improve business.
With technological capabilities auditors can leverage their business empowerment, issuing actionable comprehensive reports.

Are you auditable?

Communicating actual business risk in an understandable language

Executing your technological parts of the audit will validate the protection of what matters to your money-making processes and digital business resilience.
We will help you translate technological vulnerabilities and weaknesses into business related risk.
Our experience with audit recommendations to Board of Directors, Audit Committees and senior management will assist you in communicating the actual risk in business language as expected to enable decision making processes.

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Articulating core technology with your audit scoping plans

Auditing business processes was always the effective way to identify risk.
In today's dependency on technology, business processes are not enough. Auditors must understand the data flows and the systems that process data. that's where we come in.
CST-360 have the understanding of audit work and desired outcomes.
Plan you audit scope to include technology and we will support your work, report and presentation requirements in order to influence with business improvements and growth.

Articulate technology into your audit scope
Identify data flows and systems business risk
Actionable reports that leverage the business
Are you auditable?

Leverage your business, 
while protecting what matters

Let's Plan Your Security
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